Our Process

Our Process


Applying an optimal way of working with our partners and our team is crucial for our successful business. We are committed to exceeding your expectations in every step, from the day our first conversation starts to the moment your bags are in your consumers’ hands. Rivta is your first choice for your rewarding market: trusted partnership with repurchasing and valuable comments, responsible processes that we follow, and high manufacturing standards. This is what makes Rivta different from others, and being leader of the market for many years.


- Researches & Developments -


Our relationship begins by the moment we are connected. Generally, we first make a research of our customers, starting with how can new sustainable products can help them extend their market. Sharing helpful information and mock-up designs for your brand’s products, budget, environmental and innovative goals let us best service to you and know each other better.


- Productions & Controls -


Manufacturing facilities in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, top cities in China, enable us a high quality control in each aspect of your creative projects. Adopting sustainable ways to produce our goods with strict quality control to stable production capacity ensures that each cosmetic bag is thoughtfully made.


- Testings & Evaluations -


By taking the materials to our laboratory, we assure partial properties to your specifications - gaining favorable feedbacks, vast interests, and determining areas for improvement. These testings helps us to adopt safer, cleaner and eco-responsible solutions.


- Services & Supports -


Partnership does not end up when your cosmetic bags are made and sent to the corresponding place. Rivta offers a full-service integrated marketing and communications: whether your purchased items suffered damages, delivery time is not within the scheduled time, or any other situation, our expert team will provide appropriate solutions in all aspects of your products.



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